Attendance and Punctuality

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The school starts promptly at 9:00am. We kindly ask that all parents ensure that your child/children is safely on school grounds by 8:50am before the first school bell. We lock the Foundation Phase gate at 9.00am. It is necessary for parents to inform the school of any absences by telephoning the school office between 8.45 – 9.30. Please do not send an e-mail.

Holiday during term time request forms need to be completed before commencing a holiday, please enquire at the school office for the form. The school's permission for holidays during the school term is based on a high attendance rate of over 90%. The school works closely with the welfare officer to support pupils and families when there is concern about low attendance.

Over time, low attendance levels can impact on a child’s education, and recent studies indicate that pupils who are consistently absent are more likely to under achieve academically, they find it harder to make and keep friends, are more likely to breach the law and will miss opportunities in further education and employment.

We have set an attendance target of 95% (equivalent to 10 absent days per year) and we therefore kindly ask that you work closely with the school.

The significance of school attendance must not and cannot be underestimated.

Promoting positive behaviour and excellent attendance is the responsibility of the whole school and wider community.

If your child is absent, the school must be notified as quickly as possible.  In the case of infectious illnesses, children should remain at home for the given time as advised by your GP or the school.  Absence without an acceptable reason will be regarded as unauthorised.  Medical appointments should be outside of school hours if possible.  If this is unavoidable, the appointment must be reported to the school prior to the appointment day.

In cases of persistent absence and poor punctuality the Headteacher is required to inform the Local Authority’s Educational Welfare Service.